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Funding Made Easy With Our IDO Launchpad Development Services

Future IDO Launchapd | Taksh It Solutions

Initial DEX Offering, or IDO, is one of the best ethical sources of fundraising. IDO works in the similar way that the companies do ICO or Initial Coin Offering. While ICO is done on a centralized platform and costs a ton of money, IDO uses a decentralized exchange and saves money too. IDO is done by a decentralized exchange with the help of an IDO launchpad. We, Taksh IT solutions, have expertise in the IDO Launchpad development, and are renowned for it. Launchpad that we develop are simple yet powerful pre-made software that run custom decentralized token marketplaces

If you are someone looking to conduct a fairly decentralized IDO, along with some best customization features, Taksh IT solutions is the best one to help you do so. You can keep a track of Liquidity Locks, Sales Price, Token Vesting and Funding , while your participants will receive full transparency into the protocols in terms of security and protection.

Developed in Multiple Networks

IDO Launchpad on Ethereum | Taksh It Solutions IDO Launchpad on Ethereum

We provide IDO launchpad development service on Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum, being one of the oldest blockchain networks lets you give your investors a proof of trust. Moreover, our expert services work like the feather on the hat. We have experts who have huge experience in developing IDO launchpads on Ethereum network and can deliver you the solution of any related problem in the desired time slot. If you are looking to get the plan of your own Ethereum based IDO executed anytime soon give Taksh IT solutions a try

IDO Launchpad on Polkadot | Taksh It Solutions IDO Launchpad on Polkadot

if you need an open-source blockchain network, to get you IDO launchpad developed, Polkadot can help you taking a good decision. Most of us know Polkadot as a cryptocurrency, but it is a an open source blockchain platform too. Talsk It solutions is one of the famous providers of launchpad development services based on Polkadot. Another best thing about getting an IDO launchpad, is that it allows interconnectivity between multiple blockchains to send and receive messages and perform transactions securely.

IDO Launchpad on BSC Scan | Taksh It Solutions IDO Launchpad on Binance

Binance is also one of the most popular blockchain networks. Several companies which look for a centralized exchanges go for their IDO development on Binance. It is similarly popular to Ethereum and has very less fee. Our Developers will make your IDO launchpad, based on Binance, in a way that it will be equipped with speed in transactions. If your priority is to get the reliability of a secure blockchain network, in low budget, you can go for IDO development on Binance with Taksh It Solutions.

IDO Launchpad on TRON | Taksh It Solutions IDO Launchpad on TRON

When we talk about best decentralized exchanges, Tron comes as the most talked name. It is an open source blockhchain network which hold features like smart contract functionality and strongly secured proof of stake principles. you can understand the reliability of the Tron network as it has its natvie cryptocurrency in the name of Tronix. Taksh IT Solution is one of the best choices among the competitors as we provide Tron Based IDO Launchpad Development services in which users can reduce cost as per their needs.

IDO Launchpad on polygon | Taksh It Solutions IDO Launchpad on Polygon

We, Taksh IT Solutions have expertise developing IDO launchpads on Polygon. Such a launchpad will have a higher quality of user handling capacity due to the Polgon's ability to process more transactions. A Polygons based IDO launchpad would also helps your company to save a ton of money as it has a low gas fee per transaction. Our designers make it easy for users to understand the features of your launchpad.Moreover, Polygon based IDO launchpads attract a large number of project due to its popularity.

IDO Launchpad on Solana | Taksh It Solutions IDO Launchpad on Solana

We also make launchpads based on Solana that serves a high transaction speed of processing 5,000 transactions per second. Solana is a preferred choice for a IDO launchpad as it's fee is very low as compared to other Blockchain networks. Our launchpads based on Solana are best to host decentralized and scalable applications. A strong KYC process is aligned by Solana IDO launchpad to ensure that only registered investors get permit to access the platform. We also let users have their current crypto wallets.

Features of Our IDO Token Launchpad

Compatible with any blockchain technology | Taksh It Solutions

The launchpads, we develop at Taksh IT Solutions, are no doubt made while keeping the compatibility factor in mind. We check if they are compatible with a large number of blockchain networks or not.

KYC Compliance | Taksh It Solutions
KYC Compliance

As safety is one of the pillars on which the whole concept of IDO is based, Development team of Taksh IT Solutions make Launchpads with higher Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance for your better safety.

Investor Pool Management | Taksh It Solutions
Investor Pool Management

One of the best best features that we provide along with our IDO Launchpads is that you can manage the investor pool effortlessly. Taksh IT Solutions makes it easy for you to manage investor pool.

Integrated Wallet | Taksh It Solutions
Multi Wallet Integration

In the time when people rely on different types of wallet it becomes a mandate to provide solutions that work with multiple types of wallets. This is where we solve the problem.

Multi Tiered staking module | Taksh It Solutions
Staking Module

As IDO Launchpad is a tool for fiar fundraising it is very important to make easy to understand staking mechanism for stakeholders. A good Staking module will ensure the success of your launchpad.

Quick Token Allocation | Taksh It Solutions
Quick Token Allocation

The launchpads that we at Taksh IT solutions make are know for qick token allocation.They save time and create a hassle free environment for both the investor and investees.

Benefits of IDO Token Launchpad Development

The core motive of having an IDO launchpad developed for any company or individuals is to raise funds in a secure and fair way. An IDO does the same for you. You can get funds either for your company or your upcoming projects with the help of an IDO token launchpad.

Fair Fundraising Methodology | Taksh It Solutions

IDO is a better option not because it serves customers with tons of features but it considered because of its cost effectiveness. There are a number of platforms with which you can tie up for your token offering but there cost is very high hence IDO Launchpad is the best option.

Cost Effective | Taksh It Solutions

An IDO launchpad not only saves money but time as well. It's quick trading feature helps users to keep an eye on the exchange values of tokens they purchase. When users have the right to know about the values they can also trade them in a quick way when needed.

Quick Trading | Taksh It Solutions

While talking about any platform that is linked to asset creation or management, we must take care of liquidity, or the possibility of assets to be changed into cash, that the platform provides. An IDO Launchpad provides higher rate of immediate liquidity for assets.

Immediate Liquidity | Taksh It Solutions
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