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Investors these days are highly relying on cryptocurrency as an investment. Lets know what is an Initial DEX Offering and how Its offered to individuals. Just like a company lists itself in an exchange board to sell its shares, IDO or Initial DEx Offering, offers a process for selling any type of assets (or say Crypto currency) on a digital exchange. In contrast to an initial public offering, investors in initial dex offerings never own equity in the company.

Due to the high craze of Crypto investments, IDO has become an important method of fundraising after Initial Coin Offering, Initial Exchange Offering and Security Token Offering. Compared to IDOs, token sales and listing can be much more cost-effective. In addition, IDOs provide liquidity quickly through current liquidity pools within a DEX without a lot of slippage. Listed IDOs are also more affordable. Whenever a company launches an IDO Project, it offers the digital tokens on a decentralised liquidity exchange. The term IDO is generally used for cryptocurrency or say digital money but it is equally helpful for anything from digital to physical assets. Businesses can participate in an economy that facilitates the enrichment of their products and services while enabling them to make smart business decisions regarding their assets through the use of IDOs. IDO happens on a decentralised exchange, with the help of a third-party or company owned Launchpad that reduces the chances of fraud making it a safe platform for both the traders and investors.

If you are someone seeking for an opportunity to launch a successful IDO, you must understand the significance of gaining the trust of the potential Investor. We, at Taksh IT solutions, cater our clienteles with the best possible services to help them in the Initial DEx Offering. Counted among forerunners of the industry, we have made us a top class ICO Development Company by helping companies to launch their cryptocurrency. Our highly experienced developers and creative marketing specialists help us stand apart from the crowd.

What We Do In Initial Dex Offering

Ethereum | Taksh It Solutions Ethereum

We cater services related to Ethereum, a decentralised software platform, enabled with smart contracts and decentralised applications, that can run safely without interference of any third party.

Polkadot | Taksh It Solutions Polkadot

Those looking for a unique open source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform can opt for our polkadot related services for unmatched interoperability between blockchains.

polygon | Taksh It Solutions Polygon

As a technology platform, powered by MATIC token, Polygon offers easy access to processes that help to grow and connect Ethereum-compatible projects and blockchains.

TRON | Taksh It Solutions TRON

Tron is an open source operating system, which helps those who are looking for blockchain services with smart contract functionality and proof-of-stake principles.

Solana | Taksh It Solutions Solana

Solana projects that we offer are extremely functional and open source known for the implementation of permissionless, high-speed blockchain.

BSC Scan | Taksh It Solutions BSC Scan

Stand for Binance Smart Chain, we provide BSC Scan services for tracking transactions and verifying smart contracts on BSC Scan.

what we serve to Launching Your IDO Development Platform

  • Whitepaper Drafting

    Whitepaper Drafting We offer to draft immensely researched papers by people who have years of practical experience. People on board with us have decades of experience in Information and technology and can give you the quality white paper.

  • Blockchain Integration | Taksh It Solutions

    Blockchain Integration We provide solutions for the Blockchain Integration as a powerful technology that creates a record of transactions. It can be used to optimise business processes, enhance security, and maintain trust between investors.

  • Coin Development | Taksh It Solutions

    Coin Development As a Tech firm, we offer best crypto coin development for those looking to raise funding via IDO or any other method. Due to the huge array of coin development services we provide, we are among the coin development.

  • Strategy And Roadmap | Taksh It Solutions

    Strategy And Roadmap Our huge team of seasoned professionals with a farsighted approach and immense knowledge of industry trends. It enables us to provide best strategy building and roadmap creation.

  • Marketing | Taksh It Solutions

    Marketing We offer a one stop solution for all your marketing needs. Having the best people with sharp skills makes us different from all the options in the market right now.

Comparison chart of IDOs, IEOs, STOs and ICOs

Initial DEX offering(IDO) Initial Exchange Offering(IEO) Security Token Offering(STO) Initial Coin Offering
An IDO is listed on a decentralised exchange An IEO is listed on a centralised exchange A STO is listed on a decentralised exchange An ICO is listed on a decentralised exchange
An IDO depicts the representation of digital assets An IEO formulates the direct exchange A STO represents transaction and exchange of physical Assets Coins are sold globally to potential buyers in an ICO
There are zero fees for exchange in an IDO An IEO Includes some exchange fees STO offers Profit-sharing when exchanged There is almost no mediators indulgence in an ICO
An IDO is comparatively cost efficient An IEO listing is costly STO includes Buy-back rights ICO tokens have uncertainty and an illiquidity premium till the time token is listed on an exchange.
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