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Cryptocurrency Exchange is Digital Marketing Place where you can easily Sell or Buy Cryptocurrency. With the help of these platforms, you can trade cryptocurrencies digitally and in exchange for rupees or dollars. Taksh IT Solutions is one of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development companies that design and develop customizable white label cryptocurrency exchange software. The exchange platforms act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller and charge a commission or transaction fee. Our Services will take you one step ahead of your competitors as you will get incredible kinds of benefits in cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrency becomes one of the best choices for online users who are ready to invest online as they will generate revenue and also will get returns on investment.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development: White label cryptocurrency exchange software designed and developed to trade.

DeCentralized Exchange Development

A decentralized exchange development allows you to trade coins or tokens without worrying about Centralized control.

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Through the help of Centralized cryptocurrency exchange development you can easily keep the functionality of coin exchange controlled.

P2P Exchange Development

P2P crypto exchange development is decentralized that allows sellers as well as buyers to trade directly without any third-party involvement.

Trading Tools Development

Trading tools development provides a lucrative trading opportunity for all traders. This tools asset listing on the leading exchange platforms.

Hybrid Exchange Development

A hybrid exchange development is a combination of centralized and decentralized exchange platforms in Hybrid Exchange.

Crypto Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency wallet software that allows users to earn, monitor, and transfer virtual currencies.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Marketing

Our white label Bitcoin exchange platform possesses an advanced user.

Why Avail Crypto Exchange Development Service?

Complete Crypto Solutions: Get complete unique business solutions for your cryptocurrency exchange according to your needs. We customize the platform according to your concepts.

Complete Crypto solutions | Taksh It Solutions

Complete Crypto Solutions

We create well-thought-out strategic-based roadmaps to track the ICO project's progress, estimate goals and desired outcomes, and determine the necessary measures to make your ICO.

funds Management | Taksh It Solutions

Fund Management

Fund Management is the process of managing funds that means complete secure digital transactions in the crypto exchange. Our professional develops software which allows you to do so.

Admin backend Panel | Taksh It Solutions

Admin Backend Panel

Get a powerful Admin Backend Panel in Exchange Development that helps the clients to make the newest change according to the market, requirement for client.

Avail Crypto Exchange Development | Taksh It Solutions
Multicurrency Wallet | Taksh It Solutions

Multicurrency Wallets

There are lots of cryptocurrency wallets available in the financial market. The software will help in dealing with all of them on single platforms.

API Integration | Taksh It Solutions

API Integration

API integration is one of the smooth features available in crypto exchange software that provide robust and secure financial transactions through the app.

Margin Trading | Taksh It Solutions

Margin Trading

Margin trading is a way of using funds provided by third-party investors to conduct asset transactions. It allows you to make spot purchases and sales.

Exclusive Feature of our Exchange

Margin Trading

Margin trading is a trading strategy that involves investing assets brought by a third party or you can say that from a broker. This allows traders to bring more and more sums of capital, to improve the positions of their business. Margin trading cryptocurrency boosts trading so that traders can receive more and more benefits from successful traders.

Refferal Program

The referral program is one of the incredible features in exchange development which allows traders to refer and earn through generating huge traffic on the exchange. We at Taksh IT solutions offer a unique crypto referral program for every trader who signs up using your shared link.

Refferal Program | Taksh It Solutions
Futures Contract | Taksh It Solutions
Futures contract / Derivatives

A futures contract is a legal agreement created between two parties of purchasing and selling an underlying asset at a reasonable price and a given date.

KYC/AML Verification

KYC stands for Know your customer which is a process of identifying the identity of a customer. Financially, this is also necessary for which traders have the authority to know their customers. In Cryptocurrency exchange development this step is crucial takes place so that verification of customers could be done. This will save and secure your trade.

Conditional Trading

In cryptocurrency exchange, this feature holds a better place where the condition was applied for traders when they try to initiate. All steps are being taken under some terms and conditions.

Liquidity Management

Liquidity is the process of converting coins into cash or other coins. Liquidity management is also a smart feature of a cryptocurrency exchange as it easily attracts Investors. Powerful liquidity management allows traders to do hassle-free transactions.

Conditional Trading | Taksh It Solutions
Copy Trading | Taksh It Solutions
Copy Trading

Copy Trading is one of the essential features included in crypto exchange development that allows a trader to directly copy a position of other traders to leverage their position.

Advanced Admin Dashboard

An Admin Dashboard is an information management tool that tracks and analyzes the whole activities to improve the trade-in crypto exchange. At Taksh IT solutions get an innovative Advanced Admin dashboard that will fulfill the needs and requirements.

Binance Like Exchange Development

Binance is an online exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies. It provides crypto wallets to its traders that allow them to store digital coins. Binance also offers a relatively secure way to invest in trade cryptocurrency

Bittrex Like Exchange Development

Bittrex is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to sell, buy and trade cryptocurrency globally. Our Developers develop innovative software to trade cryptocurrency easily and reliably.

Binance and Bittrex | Taksh It Solutions

End to End Solution for Crypto Exchange Development

Taksh IT Solutions is one of the reputed and renowned Cryptocurrency exchange development companies catering to all your needs. With our valued-based cryptocurrency exchange development services, we help exchange businesses to create a safe and secure as well as user-friendly platform. We have a team of experts who can develop convenient software for effective trading. So, if you are looking for an exchange development service Taksh IT will be your one-stop solution.

Choosing Right Platform

This is one of the best platforms for exchange development that delivers safe and secure transactions. Choosing the right platform will affect your trade and allow you to boom your business globally. This also gives returns on investment.

Market & Liquidity

terms of cryptocurrency liquidity is the process of converting coins into cash or in another coin. Our experienced team allows delivers innovative solutions so that you can easily select the appropriate market and trade conveniently.

Fiat Payment Gateway

Crypto payment gateway allow a business or vendor to accept payments from customers in crypto. Payment gateway is an online payment service in which payment is being done securely used to accept credit information by card or by smartphone.

Incorporation & Licensing

You will need a cryptocurrency exchange license to start your crypto exchange trading platform globally. To set up a cryptocurrency exchange venture, a person does require a license first.

KYC/AML Verifications

Anti-Money Laundering is a complex strategy to combat money laundering while KYC is a process of customer identification based on their authorized identity. In crypto exchange, Both are valuable for trade.

Technical & Customer Support

We are 24*7 available to deliver technical and customer support. This means if you have any queries related to cryptocurrency exchange development you will get an instant solution.

Increase in User signups

Boost in signing users by growing the crowd on your websites. Our developers will help you by designing creative websites so that you will easily get an increase in user-sign-up.

SEO Enabled

We design and develop according to search engine-friendly guidelines so that it will help generate organic traffic.

Some Interesting Facts about Cryptocurrency Exchange

Through the help of cryptocurrency exchange, We can easily convert one digital currency into another digital currency. The exchanges are highly secure and user-friendly as sellers and traders will be safe from having any kind of theft. A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform on which you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrency in any other form. Some latest and incredible features like liquidity and coin offering make cryptocurrency exchange better for traders. Cryptocurrency exchanges compete with each other because of the blockchain enthusiastic market and user community.

Fact About Cryptocurrecy Exchange | Taksh It Solutions

Security Features that we are offering in our Exchange Software Development

HTTP Authentication

HTTPS authentications will ensure all browsers have HTTP protocols for security.

Data Encryption

This will make all data unreadable from any kind of unauthorized users.

Jail Login

If a user failed to log in multiple times then it will prevent a fixed amount of time.

Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)

To prevent cryptocurrency exchange from a cyber-attack.

Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

This is one of the smart features which prevent the crypto exchange from unknown multiple sources.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

This prevents crypto exchange from unwanted action taken by the users.

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

This feature prevents crypto exchange when users have full control of the request sent by the web application.

HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

This feature prevents a Web attack technique that allows an attacker to call HTTP requests to dispute hidden information.

FAQ's for Exchange Development Software

peer-to-peer (P2P) is an electronic money transfer done from one trader to other traders through an intermediary, also called a P2P payment application.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a protocol that enables traders to secure the functioning of a decentralized digital database.

Yes KYC/AML is a necessity for every cryptocurrency exchange as it only permits only those users who have authentication to do so. This will provide security and risk-free business transactions across the globe.

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