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ICO Marketing Company

What is ICO Marketing

Many companies offer their Crypto based coins to investors, for fundraising, in a process called Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Taksh IT Solutions helps such companies to speed up their journey with its best ICO Marketing services. As the concept is pretty new, and not many people know about it, we take the needed steps for best ICO marketing possible. We follow correct tactics and growth strategy while our vast experience and industry knowledge help us to do so. We understand the targeted market and work accordingly to give the best results to the clients. Some common ways to market the ICO are Search Engine Optimization, Email Advertising, Pay per Click, Social Media Marketing and many more such things.

Ways of ICO Marketing

Website Development | Taksh It Solutions Website

As nothing can be marketed without a good website, Taksh IT Solutions can help you by making an ICO Marketing focused website that attracts investors

Market Research | Taksh It Solutions Market

Market research is one of the benefits you will get with our services. We understand the market before entering to get an Idea of trends

Pay Per Click | Taksh It Solutions Pay Per

We help our clients save money with Pay per Click options as they only need to pay when a related buyer or investor clicks the Advertisement.

Social Media Management | Taksh It Solutions Social Media

Social Media, despite the fun they provide, is becoming a good tool of marketing. We have experts that help you in Social Media Management.

Content Marketing | Taksh It Solutions Content

This Era is of content and in this era content marketing is everything. Understanding this we provide content marketing services for ICO

ICO Press-Release | Taksh It Solutions ICO

Whether its getting a special column in a daily or an advertorial piece on any website, Taksh IT Solutions makes it easy by offering ICO Press-Releases.

Email Marketing | Taksh It Solutions Email

Emails are considered as the most formal ways of communication. Thus, Taksh IT Solutions uses Email Marketing as a tool for its ICO marketing services

Community Engagement | Taksh It Solutions Community

We help companies by targeting special communities. ICO marketing needs users from the tech Community that understand what an ICO is

Influencer Marketing | Taksh It Solutions Influencer

Taksh IT Solutions can help you in marketing your company’s ICO with the help of various Influencers that have good grip over their followers.

how we work in ICO Marketing Process

We, at Taksh IT Solutions, provide a number of services related to Initial Coin Offering (ICO) development and marketing. One of those services is ICO Marketing. We offer you the best marketing services with methods like Website Development, Market Research, Pay per Click, and so on. We have on boarded experts to do marketing on Social Media also. We focus on providing the best Content Marketing for that makes a community of like-minded people. Takhs IT Solutions also helps your company in Influencer Marketing and brand management. All the services that we give to our clients are on time and show best results. This makes Taksh IT Solutions the best choice among all the competitors.

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Devise a
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Execute the ICO
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ICO Marketing Resources We Use

Reddit | Taksh It Solutions
Telegram | Taksh It Solutions
Bitcointalk | Taksh It Solutions
Facebook | Taksh It Solutions
Twitter | Taksh It Solutions
Midium | Taksh It Solutions
Email Marketing | Taksh It Solutions
Email Marketing
Telegram | Taksh It Solutions
Linkedin | Taksh It Solutions
Quora | Taksh It Solutions
Github | Taksh It Solutions
Blog Post | Taksh It Solutions
Blog Post

Post ICO Marketing Services

  • We will help you to let users know about your ICO.
  • We ensure that the contact between you and investors never breaks.
  • We will help you with more and more innovative ideas.
  • Our company lets you know about how to increase involvement of the users on the platform.
  • We will create a vast network of influencers acting as a brand ambassador for you
Post ICO Marketing Services | Taksh It Solutions
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