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ICO Software Development Company

Attract potentials, investors, with acclaimed ICO Development Company

ICO Development | Taksh It Solutions

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is one of the fastest ways of raising funds for a fresh venture. The primary key of ICO is to attract more and more potential investors to take part in your blockchain project. This is only done for launching your ICO. Apart from these, it plays a major role in growing your online presence by bringing in the business. Basically, In an ICO a quantity of cryptocurrency is being sold to investors i.e., tokens or coins in exchange for any services as well as for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Ethereum.

At Taksh IT solutions which is one of the top class ICO Development Company as we help companies to launch their cryptocurrency. If you are looking to make an ICO successful then it is crucial to gain the trust of the potential Investor. We have a strong team of expert developers and marketing specialists having a solid ideology that makes us unique and different from others. First of all, we build a roadmap through which investors can know their plans and also how a company will use the funds.

What We Provide before ICO Development

White Paper Drafting | Taksh It Solutions
White Paper Drafting

A white paper drafting is a deeply researched report on ICO development that we create.

Roadmap Strategy | Taksh It Solutions
Roadmap & Strategy

A roadmap strategy is a concept to design the course of the products to sustain the potential investors.

Marketing | Taksh It Solutions

To bring more and more crowds with having a solid marketing ideology.

Coin Development | Taksh It Solutions
Coin Development

By creating coin or token development it will give you project security, efficiency as well as speed.

Blockchain Integration | Taksh It Solutions
Blockchain Integration

It is one of the powerful technologies which creates incredible records of transactions.

Suppport | Taksh It Solutions

This is one of the necessary services through which you should efficiently promote your venture.

What We Are Offering in ICO Development

Light Paper

One of the Important steps of ICO development services is the creation of Light Paper. Our technical team creates a roadmap by writing powerful content for the business.

Landing Page

We design and develop a quality-based landing page that will be easily illustrated to the targeted audiences. Get UI/UX design of the page.

White Paper

In the white paper all the crucial points are created which get directly proportional to ICO development services. Our teams do this with solid ideology.

ICO Dashboard

ICO dashboard (User Panel) is a kind of automated platform which is an important part of ICO token sales/Applications. It helps you to launch your own ICO websites.

Token Creation

A token is a cryptographically secure collection of Data and information. The token is created on the existing blockchain.

Coin Drop

Dropping up the number of purchased coins/tokens to your potential Investors' white-labeled and mobile app wallet.

Bounty Management

Bounty Management is one of the best marketing tools used in the crypto market by offering tokens or coins to keep in circulation.

Coin Price Pump

Coin price pump refers to the price rising of coins/tokens. Increase the multiple coins value up to get the highest return on investment.

Listing Services

Get your token or coin listed on the most secure and high-volume cryptocurrency trading platforms.


Smart PowerPoint presentation of your ICO development with us including all strategies.

Pre Launch Services

Planning And Raodmapping | Taksh It Solutions
Planning & Road-mapping

We take crucial steps for making ICO successful as we designed a well-planned strategic-based roadmap. This will allow you to reach your goals.

Whitepaper | Taksh It Solutions

In whitepaper services basically, we highlight some crucial points for an engaging way to attract potential investors and increase your funds.

ICO Dashboard | Taksh It Solutions
ICO Dashboard

We provide ICO Dashboard with the latest and smart features which will help potential investors to control Over ICO process and its performance outcomes.

ICO Website Creation | Taksh It Solutions
ICO Website Creation

Website is First Impression for your audiences. We design and develop a website that includes informative, UI/UX, graphics that will attract users.

ICO Token Development | Taksh It Solutions
ICO Token Development

Being a reputed and renowned ICO Token Development Company we develop custom-based coins or tokens with some advanced security features.

PR & Marketing | Taksh It Solutions
PR & Marketing

Our professional creates a unique PR & Marketing Strategy to extend your reach to more and more potential investors from the market.

Post Launch Services

Listing | Taksh It Solutions

We provide exchange listing assistance in which your crypto are listed on some valuable platforms to increase trade.

Report Development | Taksh It Solutions
Report Development

We generate an ideological report for the ICO development for better performance and outcomes.

Price Volatility Service | Taksh It Solutions
Price Volatility Service

Our services will hold the actual value of price and do not allow to flacuate them and also mitigate from the long risk.

Customer Assistance | Taksh It Solutions
Customer Assistance

Get 24*7 customer support to solve any issue in ICO. All your queries will be answered shortly by us.

Social Marketing | Taksh It Solutions
Social Marketing

We use all high demanding social media platforms to bring potential investors for your ICO launch.

Coinmarketcap Guidance | Taksh It Solutions
Coinmarketcap Guidance

Coinmarketcap ICO will show you the list of current initial coin offering that is being taken or will take place.

Why Select Taksh IT Solutions for ICO Development Services

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How to Initiate the ICO funding?

Ideation & Whitepaper Creation: Ideation and whitepaper creation is the process of generating ideas and solutions for any kind of queries related to ICO development.

Ideation & Whitepaper Creation

Ideation & Whitepaper Creation: Ideation and whitepaper creation is the process of generating ideas and solutions for any kind of queries related to ICO development.

Pre-ICO Marketing & Dashboard Setup

You can easily grow up your community through social media like Telegram, Reddit, Steemit, Twitter, and Facebook.

Initial Coin Offering Open To All

Initial coin offering is the process of raising capital by selling a new cryptocurrency to raise money that is open to all.

Wallet Setup & Coin Drop

We help you to create a wallet setup where you can keep your ICO tokens safe and secure. Drop easily the number of bought coins/tokens to your investor.

FAQ's for ICO Development Software

Initial coin offering has lots of benefits for business owners looking to grow up their business. It is the easiest way to raise funds for blockchain-based projects. A coin can be sold globally.

We use blockchain technology which gives entire security in all transactions.

To get participate in an ICO you have to first buy more established digital currency. Apart from this basic understanding of cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.

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