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Let's Connect! Engagement is a necessity today, more than ever! | Taksh It Solutions

Let's Connect! Engagement is a necessity today, more than ever!

Taksh IT Solutions Private Limited is the one-stop source and solution to all your multi-level marketing, software development, e-commerce, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management concerns. Engagement, client experience, and satisfaction are must-haves in this techno-savvy era. We empower and engage our clientele through action and provide impeccable competitive services that can define their brand, products, or services.

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Our Services

We offer many services, the necessity of today's digital era, to efficiently connect, engage or empower. Here follows are our key offerings.

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We specialize as a leading cryptocurrency development company, assisting our clients in increasing their ROIs. Our coin developers have years of experience in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) development, ICO marketing, wallet development, crypto exchange and blockchain development, consultation, coin creation, and token and Altcoin development. We can help you develop secure, robust software and applications to boost your business prospects....Explore

Decentralized MLM | Taksh It Solutions

Decentralized MLM

Decentralized MLM Software is the critical parameter of any network marketing business. Our Decentralized MLM specialists can take your Decentralized MLM business to new heights. The Decentralized MLM software supports all plans, helps business owners expand their presence, and adequately manage diverse functionalities from critical downline management to financial calculations....Explore

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Our CRM development skilled team can create easy-to-use solutions for sales automation, assuring conversion maximization, accountability optimization, application integration, better reach to prospective clients, and customer services. Our experiences and services can drive our customers to attain topline growth....Explore

E-commerce | Taksh It Solutions


E-commerce is the most advanced and rapidly evolving model for doing business. Our e-commerce website development personnel have years of hands-on experience in creating intriguing and friendly experiences for clients. They specialize in imbibing robust features such as 24/7 buying and selling online....Explore

Digital Marketing | Taksh It Solutions

Digital Marketing

Consider Taksh IT Solutions Private Limited as your external and result-driven digital marketing company that works for your growth, success, and profitability. We help boost your business revenue and achieve digital success practically & strategically....Explore

Why Choose Us

Taksh IT Solutions Private Limited is an end-to-end software development firm leveraging years of experience to offer quality results. Our every offering, be it MLM, ERP, CRM, Crypto, or E-commerce development, has a dedicated team of experts working on diverse requirements assuring surpassing of clients' expectations.

A Choice that Makes the Difference | Taksh It Solutions

A Choice that Makes the Difference

Our expertise is committed to assisting our clients in meeting their goals by following a well-strategic approach to technology and marketing tactics & more.

A Platform for Success | Taksh It Solutions
A Platform
for Success

Our approach is innovative. We constantly chase down unique ways to meet clients' expectations. We boast of being vigilant of deadlines, ensuring timely delivery of services.

Innovative Technologies | Taksh It Solutions

Our team is well-aware and knowledgeable in the industry's latest technologies, ensuring your application's performance will not get impacted.

Responsiveness-icon | Taksh It Solutions

Our software development and designing methods are responsive, making them accessible easily across devices without any hassle, we work in all type of devices.

 Unmatched Support | Taksh It Solutions
Unmatched Support

We strive to maintain healthy relationships with our clientele. Our support team specializes in responding on time to each client and maintaining transparency process.

Competitive Pricing and On-Time Delivery | Taksh It Solutions
Competitive Pricing and On-Time Delivery

We assure the best-rated services in the industry. What we commit is what we deliver. Feel free to check with others; we know the standard of our services.

Trusted-icon | Taksh It Solutions
Trusted By The Best In The Industry

We inspire trust and satisfaction amongst our clientele for our pursuit of excellence.

Robust Application-icon | Taksh It Solutions
Robust Application

Our services equip high-end features and can handle substantial data chunks seamlessly and effectively in Robust Application.

Highly Secured-icon | Taksh It Solutions
Highly Secured and Flexible

Our applications are flexible, easy-to-use, and secure, ensuring no security issues in the longer run as per your demand.

Being the emerging players in the industry providing excellent CRM development, E-commerce development, and crypto management services, Taksh IT Solutions Private Limited is a reliable platform today and into the future. We have been helping customers of all sizes, from all domains, across industries to simplify, transform and expand their businesses efficiently. Feel free to check what our clients say about our offerings! Feel free to ask for a demo or a quote to know how we can help to build your business and expand its presence anytime. We would be delighted to serve the very best possible at best quotes. We look forward to hearing from you via the e-mail, contact number, or chat at your convenience.

Our Process

Are you curious to know a bit in brief about our process? Here it is.

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Documentation | Taksh It Tolutions


The system documentation includes architecture design, requirements, validation, source code, testing and verification details, help guide, and maintenance information. It helps the client overview the entire system, and techies and functional professionals know about the technology integration under a single umbrella.

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Prototype Creating | Taksh It Tolutions

Prototype Creating

Creating a prototype has added benefits. The software professional gets feedback from the client and users at the early stage of the project. The client can evaluate if the software or application specifications match the expectations. Accordingly, the team will execute the same.

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Designing | Taksh It Tolutions


It is a crucial phase of the process to include everyone involved with the product or service. It is basically for all to comprehend the possibilities in the project, the aspects that are not possible to achieve, and the look-alike of the overall system, which will be in the designing phase.

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Development and Execution | Taksh It Tolutions

Development and Execution

It is another significant phase of the process. While developing and implementing new and existing features, our expertise will keep determining problems and looking out for potential areas for improvement. The experts are well aware of the latest market trends, about peers and how they are doing, get the training if needed, and deliver none but the best solution to clients in the industry.

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Beta Release | Taksh It Tolutions

Beta Release

It allows the client to do small-scale testing of the website or application to check if the functionality is working as per expectation. Beta testing focuses less on reviewing and figuring out bugs and more on assuring if the web app or site application is easy to use, concise, user-friendly, intuitive, or not.

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Feedback Analysis | Taksh It Tolutions

Feedback Analysis

It is an integral part of the process. In this phase, the feedback of the client and different departments are examined, gathered, and brainstormed. The feedback examination basis is upon the documentation, designing, development, and beta release testing of each module in the project. Accordingly, the information is shared with the client, assuring transparency throughout the implementation.

Final Go | Taksh It Tolutions

Final Go

A new product experience is indescribable from the client's perspective, adding value to their brand and business. We make sure that the final launch and go of the software is effective, what is expected by the client. Any flaws/bugs that may pop in beta testing will go in the fixation phase before launching anything out in the market.

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