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Cryptocurrency Token Development

Cryptocurrency Token Development

Launch Your Crypto Token with Taksh IT Solutions with one of the most trusted token development company. Our Experienced team of blockchain developers will helps you to develop the token on several different blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, Ripple and more.

What we are provide in Cryptocurrency token development

Enterprise grade custom dApps | Taksh It Solutions
Enterprise Grade
Custom DApps

We provide custom services for the development of Decentralized Apps (DApps) as per your needs. DApps are no different from applications and software available in the market but cater enterprise related needs with high security and efficiency as they are based on blockchain networks. Doesn't matter how small or big your company is, but if security is your priority, you can find the most trusted and secure DApp development at Taksh IT Solutions.

ICO platform | Taksh It Solutions

If you are a business, looking to raise capital, you can offer people your own cryptic coins. The process is called Initial Coin Offering. We, Taksh IT Solutions help companies to offer their own coins so that they can raise the capital for any future project or to get the existing running. ICO is similar to Initial Public Offering but you do not need to give any ownership of the company and it is safer too.

Crypto token development | Taksh It Solutions
Crypto Token

Services that Taksh IT Solutions gives to you include development of Crypto tokens . These tokens are digital assets which you can trade for other tokens or even currencies. Other qualities that crypto tokens possess are that they are movable and less liquid. A token carries a string of information or data that has been cryptographically secured. They are also known for executing smart contracts and facilitating transactions for new decentralized apps.

Smart contracts development | Taksh It Solutions
Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are used to perform a number of actions. As companies have a number of things to do on sharp deadlines smart contracts become a handy tool. We at Taksh IT Solutions provide smart contract development services. Smart Contracts are developed by us on every single blockchain network. They act like an agreement, on blockchain, between any number of parties. They carry some predefined rules and conditions and execute actions when the conditions are met.

Crypto asset exchange development | Taksh It Solutions
Crypto Asset
Exchange Development

UCrypto Asset exchange systems are one of the prominent services by us. We develop exchanges that guarantee outstanding trading capabilities and extraordinarily high transaction rates. If you are looking to get your own exchange developed, you should leave it on Taksh IT Solutions. We assure our clients to not get concerned about how big a transaction is or how much traffic is coming on the platform. That is something we handle by integrating a powerful trade engine with them.

Integrated blockchain services | Taksh It Solutions
Integrated Blockchain

Businesses use blockchain technology so that they can provide trust and transparency to their users. We offer high end technical blockchain integration solutions to our clients. With the help of blockchain integration, data gathered from linked back-end systems can be processed to produce an irrefutable record of transactions, streamlining corporate operations and boosting security. Other features that we provide along with our blockchain integration services are use of encryption.

launch your own token

business Consultation

In the Business Consultation part, we ensure that a thorough discussion is made about how the project is going to work and give you a rough idea of what would be the best thing for you. Our company has a huge team of people who are updated with the industry norms and provide you with the best consultation available.


This part uses the data gathered in the above part and then we form a blueprint or a framework of the discussed platform. The wireframe of any particular project is made while keeping the needs of client and industry norms. Taksh IT Solutions is known for providing an idea of what the end product would look like.

Token Development

The Token Development is the most crucial part of this whole process. We try our best to make the most secure tokens by using the resource that we have access to. Tokens are used to perform or facilitate the transaction with the help of gathered information. .


Once the client likes the presentation or wireframe and token, made by us, we form a whitepaper for the upcoming project. Our whitepaper for any specific project carries qualities like being an information document and highlights the features of related projects.

Token Launch

Tokens are launched as soon as the platform is developed and the client chooses which platform they are going to be listed. We also help our partners to understand how Centralized and de-centralized platforms are different and which one would be best for them.

ICO Launch

We help in ICO launch so that the company does not have to worry about how things will go in the future. In the Initial process of ICO Launch the tokens are provided to the customers. We help the company to do the same with the help of our expertise in the same

Platforms we develop in token development

Ethereum Token Development | Taksh It Solutions Ethereum Token

Ethereum has a blockchain network and is considered one of the most trusted sources for Token Development. We cater you with the best in class services of Ethereum Token Development.

Tron Token Development | Taksh It Solutions Tron Token

We give your services of TRON token development as its a decentralized, open-source blockchain-based operating system that helps in smart contract functionality too.

Security Token Development | Taksh It Solutions Security Token

We keep security as our priority and cater you with the services that include Security Token Development. Takh IT solutions asurres you the best services under this category.

Utility Token Development | Taksh It Solutions Utility Token

Various companies use our Utility Token Development services to design tokens that can be used for a specific purpose, like in game. user to such tokens have offers like premium access.

Altcoin Token Development | Taksh It Solutions Altcoin Token

"Altcoin '' is the term used for all the crypto coins that are not Bitcoin, Along with the above listed coins We strive to provide you all the services related to Altcoin.

Asset Token Development | Taksh It Solutions Asset Token

If your company wants people to buy or bid for the digital or physical assets it has, we provide Asset Token Development which you can use to issue tokens for your assets.

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